Welcome to The Meilee!

I am so excited to have you here!

Here at The Meilee the goal is to lead the industry in social change to help make beauty inclusive, educational and transparent.

I  want to share the best in beauty from all around the globe to our Australian beauties. I’ve gone out and searched for amazing products from innovative brands

We are dedicated to sharing all of our beauty knowledge with you and empower everyone to celebrate their own beauty.

Join us on this journey so we can both grow and thrive together!

Who's Behind The Meilee?

Jack Chesher

Hey there!

My name is Jack and everything you see has been created by me. I take the product images, write the descriptions, designed the entire website (who knew I could learn coding) and I pack every order!

Hopefully one day it will grow big enough to have an entire team dedicated to the values I live everyday, but for now it’s just me.

I have been a working Makeup Artist since I was 16 and during that time I’ve learnt a lot about beauty and the industry. I’ve worked in retail stores and as a freelance Makeup Artist in fashion and doing your event makeup.

Late 2019 I decided I wanted to do something that aligned both my values and my passion for beauty. I saved up all my money and slowly built the brand.

In June 2020, I quit my job and launched The Meilee. I now focus completely on my Makeup career and The Meilee. I’m please to say that both have been growing every month since and I’m much happier and fulfilled.

So that’s a bit about me, I hope that you enjoy yourself here. Don’t be afraid to contact me either, I love hearing from you all!

– Jack

Why Did I Start The Meilee?

The Meilee was started out of necessity!

Korean and Japanese beauty has been gaining popularity within Australia but is still very unattainable.

Only the most popular products are easy to find while everything else is completely unavailable. If you want to try anything else you have to wait for weeks and pay top dollar for them.

I wanted to fix this issue by stocking brands and products that no one else has available and selling them at reasonable prices with fast, affordable Australian shipping.

For now I range a variety of Korean and Japanese brands but I do aspire to a global catalogue of brands.

Skin types

Our Values

Demonstrate True Inclusiveness

I believe that beauty is for everyone regardless of age, race, gender, ability or identity.

That’s why I commit to only ranging products that exist for everyone. You will never see a foundation range with only 3 shades.

I’m not interested in limiting the definition of beauty or making anyone feel left out. I want to share a diverse idea of beauty that includes everyone.

The Meilee celebrates and showcases an image of what Australian’s really look like.

Educate With Honesty

Education is Power!
Beauty Education is Empowerment!

Beauty can give you strength when you’re feeling weak, confidence when you are insecure or expression when you’re feeling lost. I love this effect and love seeing strong, confident, beautiful people.

That’s why I think it’s important to give you all the facts without the BS. No pushing trends just for the profits, hiding ingredients lists to confuse you or fake reviews to sell you a product.

The Meilee provides honest, up-to-date product information designed to help you make your own beauty choices.

Create A Supportive Community

Sharing beauty knowledge and products with friends and family has always been my favourite part of being a Makeup Artist.

That’s why I hope to grow a community around The Meilee that acts as a support network. A place to go when a product isn’t working the way you expected or when your skin isn’t behaving.

I want a place for education, creativity, diversity and love. The Meilee will hopefully be able to facilitate this more as we grow.

Deliver Global Beauty To Australians

I want to bring all the amazing beauty products from all around the globe directly to you.

I’m especially interested in sharing smaller, indie brands to Australians and supporting real people with their beauty businesses. There are so many amazing, creative people making fantastic, innovative beauty products and we want to share that with you.

The Meilee’s long term goal is to be THE beauty destination for unique, interesting beauty brands that represent these values.