Everything we do is based out of my living room in my apartment in Sydney, which allows me to easily ship them out (and constantly test new products). All our products are stored and sent from Sydney.

Yes, even our videos and images are shot in my living room. Yes it’s cluttered. 😂

We offer free shipping on all orders over $35!

If your order is under $35, it’s a flat rate of $10.

We ship to anywhere within Australia right now.

Shipping times vary but a lot of our Sydney customers can receive their products the next day! I handle all orders myself and I generally ship orders within 2 hrs.

Rural NSW and ACT can usually expect their order within 3 business days.

VIC and QLD generally recieve theirs within 4 business days.

The rest of AUS is usually no more than 5.

We know how important it is to us recyclable materials to ship our products in, so we do.

Most of our boxes are made from recycled paper and are 100% Recyclable.

Our new Padded Bags are padded with recycled newspaper and are 100% Recyclable.

To pad our products we use two different materials. The first one is Recyclable brown butchers paper and the other is bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is reused from the orders we recieve our stock in. We use this because even though it’s not aesthetically pleasing nor recyclable, it’s better to reuse this plastic than to just throw it away.

We try our best to minimise our impact on the planet and we will continue to make environmentally friendly choices.

All of our products are authentic products that are supplied via official distributors. We do not deal with the brands directly as we are far too small. Our supplier is based in Hong Kong and they source their products directly from Korea or Japan.

Skincare can be very complicated and we try our best to explain everything clearly but we know it can be overwhelming.

If you need help choosing suitable products you have options!

  1. Chat directly with us using the help button in the bottom right hand corner! It’s connect directly to my phone and I can usually guide you instantly.
  2. Try our filters on our shop pages. We have tried super hard to make these accurate and quick to narrow down your options. Start with something easy like your skin type or the product type you want and slowly narrow your choices.
  3. If you’re still not sure just subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to stay up to date with our educational material. While we grow as a brand, you can grow your beauty knowledge.

We fully realise that vegan and cruelty free products are a must for some people and we want to make it easy for you to identify.

All our cruelty free or vegan products are labelled with a badge on their product page. You can also use our filters to search specifically for these products.

If you believe we may be incorrect about a brands cruelty free status, please inform us! Things are always changing in the beauty world and sometimes we miss things so it would be wonderful to be reminded.

To be honest, usually we don’t know. We have email reminders available on products that are out of stock and this is the easiest way to stay informed! 

As we are such a small business, sometimes it can be hard to source products that are in high demand. Either because we simply cannot afford to buy the minimum quantity or we are limited to certain distributors.

Be assured that we hate seeing that out of stock sign as much as you do and we try our best to restock as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your continued patience and support, it means the world!

We wish we had ALL the brands! If there’s a brand or product that you desperately want and cannot find elsewhere, just let us know!

Use this form to request specific products!

Sometimes we might not be able to permanently range the brand or product but still reach out because we can do specials orders if you’re desperate.